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Upcoming Events


Easler Wedding Shower
eb. 25 2:30pm
Fellowship Hall 
Couples shower for Daniel Easler and Caitlin Blankenship


Choir Retreat
March 23 
8am - 3pm
The choir will have their Spring retreat at Sharon Baptist Church 

KBA Women's Spring Meeting 
March 25 
Dearing Baptist Church

Easter Egg Hunt
March 27 7p
m - 8pm
Bring plastic eggs filled with prewrapped candy.

Sunrise Service
March 31 7am
We will meet at the Ampitheater at Mistletoe State Park. Breakfast will follow. Parking is free. 


KBA VBS Clinic
il 19 6:00pm
Wrens Baptist Church
See Carol Farr for info


Spring Choir Concert
May 5 6pm

The choir will present their Spring Concert at
Sharon Baptist Church

Spring Choir Concert
May 9 7pm

The choir will present the Spring Concert at
West Acres Baptist church

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